DYNIX/ptx:                 2.1.1 to 4.4.6                AIX:                        4.3.x                         HP MPE:                    MPE/iX      

Sun Solaris:             2.3  to  9                        Sun SunOs:         4.1.1 to  4.1.3         MS-DOS:                   3.3  to  6.22          

HP-UX:                       10.10, 10.20, 11.x        RedHat Linux:     6.0                           MS Windows NT:    3.51, 4

Novell Netware:       3.11, 4                           VMS:                     OpenVMS v1.5       MS Windows:          3.0 to XP



Sequent:                       S2000/290 / 700 / 750,  S5000/SE80 / SE30 / SE70,  Numa Q.

Sun Systems:              Ultra: 2,5,10,30  Enterprise: 2,5,450,3000,4000,5000,6000,6500,E10000 (Starfire)

                           SPARCstation 5,10, SparcCentre 2000E, ULTRAserver 1,5,10;

                           Unipack, Multipack, SunStorEdge A1000, A5100, T3

HP:                                  700 workstations: K450,  K460, K480,  800 servers:  V,  K  and D class

AIX:                                RS6000, F50, H70, silver Node, Winterhawk                  



Sun:                                Veritas Volume Manager 2.4/5, Veritas FileSystem 3.3.2, Veritas Netbackup;

                                        Veritas Cluster 2.2, Sun StarEdge RAID Manager 6.1.1.

                                        Solstice AdminSuite 2.1, NIS, NIS+, DNS, sysmon;

                                        Solstice Disksuite 4.1, Solstice Backup 4.1.        

DYNIX/ptx:                     SVM, SVM II Disk management.

Security:                       Connect Direct, Secure+, Ssh, Tiger, Tripwire, TCP Wrappers, Satan, COPS, MQ v5.1,

Monitoring:                   HP OpenView, BMC Patrol, Tivoli / Maestro, I-Watch;                                                          

Other:                           Uniplex, Jet Direct, Holos, SAS, Samba, Prophecy, Intershop 3, NFS up to v3;

                                        Netscape Enterprise Server 3.62.                                           



Ingres: 6.4/06,  Open Ingres: 1.2, 2.0        Sybase:    v11      Oracle:  v7, v8 (SQL and basic DBA level)

Ingres Star, Ingres Net                                 Ingres II:   (System Administrator and DBA level)                                



C ++, Java, Cobol:                                    (code maintenance)

dBase, Quick Basic, Pascal:                 (Designing and production of bespoke systems)

HTML, DOS, Perl, Expect / Tcl:              (Designing and production of bespoke systems)

UNIX shell, Awk:                                       (C (csh), Korn, (ksh), Bourn (sh) )


Programming and design Methodologies

Structured, Procedural, Yordons, SSADM, JSD (Jacksons Structured Design);

Top Down, JSP, OOP, SSM (Structured Systems Methods).



Project:                         Artemis 7000, Microsoft Project.

Emulators:            Whizz60,  Exceed, PC-NFS, Reflection X, Solstice Network Client, LAN Workplace.

Wordprocessors:       Wordperfect, Ami Pro, Wordstar, Wordstar 2000, Microsoft Word, vi, emacs.

Utilities:                         Norton Utilities Packages, PC-Tools, Dr Solomans, F-Prot.

Others:                          Microsoft Access, Graphics packages, Web publishing, StarOffice.

                                        network management, ODBC, MKS Toolkit. Lotus 1-2-3, Excel (including macros)

Web Development:     HotMetal Pro, Frontpage, DreamWeaver.


BANKING               EDDI File structures  , SWIFT, Branch Accounting procedures.



TCP/IP, IPX configurations, Ethernet, RS232, X.25 installation & support,  LinkSys Hubs & routers;

3-Com hubs,  Zyplex terminal server configuration and installation,  Cable configurations.