Proficient computing professionals with over 11 years operational experience, specialising in Unix flavours including Solaris HP-UX, Linux and Dynix/ptx covering various issues such as networking, security, storage management, scripting, backup/recovery, and performance management.  Experienced in Ingres and Oracle production systems together with various PC based platforms. 






Unix and NT Systems and Security Administration

Unix Systems Administration

Solaris Internet and Security Consultancy

UNIX Systems Administration

UNIX and Ingres RDBMS Systems Management

Operating Systems

Unix Hardware

Unix Software


Programming Languages

Programming and Design Methodologies

PC Software Packages






Banking Systems Administration                                                

Barclays Bank, Poole, England


To provide support and enhancements for Barclays critical banking systems.

In particular, the improvement and automation of Batch processing applications

for external customers while within a strict 24 x 7 environment.

Banking Systems covered included the business critical Bulk File Application (BFA) and Business Master International (BMI) with associated interface and settlement systems such as Risk, International Routing, Billing, SOLD, TRAMS, SMS, AFTS, GPS and Branch Accounting.


Key Skills:

•  Bespoke Application Improvements,  Development environment build;

•  EDI file formatting and validation, Ambassador analyst and Testing tools v35;

•  Automation of manual tasks, Security and System Administration Improvements;

•  AIX, NT, Tivoli, Oracle 7/8, Sybase, SQL, MQ v5.1, C:D v3.03, Unix shell scripts.




Unix and NT Systems and Security Administration

Zurich Financial Services, Cheltenham, England                   


In preparation for our client’s internet banking environment going live, improved security features were required across batch processes and Unix / NT systems within development and live environments.  A significant part of this role was, therefore, the responsibility for installation of secure file transfers between various servers within the mission critical internet banking environment.


Our primary task was to advise on and configure secure communication using Connect Direct, Secure+, Expect / tcl, Secure Shell and korn / Perl scripts, within the HP-UX and NT environments.


This role required our expertise in building Unix systems under HP-UX within a secure environment whilst developing high security batch processing procedures. The role also involved system administration tasks, recommendations and training members of the client’s team.


Key Skills:

•  Secure Batch processing and Systems configuration using Connect Direct and Secure+;            

•  Korn, Perl, Expect / Tcl scripts for batch file movement, Job control using Tivoli / Maestro;

•   Secure shell and systems support, TCP Wrappers, system upgrades.



Unix Systems Administration                                                                                         

Viatel, Redditch, England


Viatel’s core business is dependent upon the effective administration and constant monitoring of the largest broadband network in Europe.


Remit included the auditing of all Unix based systems (Solaris, HP-UX and AIX), and streamlining for operational performance.  We proposed and implemented backup procedures, improved system monitoring using HP OpenView, and application upgrades for Cisco Works 2000.  We also provided solutions to system monitoring problems.


Key Skills:

•  Solaris, HP-UX, AIX Systems and Application Administration within large network environment;

•  Network Management, Oracle, Ingres, Sybase and Informix  Databases;

•  CiscoWorks 2000, HP OpenView, Veritas Volume Manager, Sun RAID Manager.



Solaris Internet and Security Consultancy     (Major Internet Auction Site), Hammersmith, England


Responsibilities included the support and administration of mainly Solaris systems. Various improvements were made throughout the site, including the implementation of Veritas Netbackup on all servers and the implementation of NIS to improve system administration. Security improvements were also implemented using TCP Wrappers etc and administration of the Veritas clustered environments.


Key Skills:

•  Solaris Systems Administration for clustered E6500 and E450 machines;

•  Systems Security using Secure Shell, NIS and TCP Wrappers, Oracle;

•  Netscape Enterprise Server and Intershop configuration;

•  Veritas NetBackup, Cluster and Volume Manager Administration.



UNIX Systems Administration                                                                            

GE Corporate (Financial Environment), Bristol, England        


In this project our remit was central to Solaris issues within this large banking data centre. The environment included HP-UX, AIX, Sequent Dynix/ptx, Linux and NT where primary responsibility was for 15+ Solaris and E10K environments within a very strict 24x7 SLA dominated environment. 


During the twelve-month contract we were required to deal with many challenging issues and problems from customers throughout the world with reference to performance and application issues.


Changes implemented included the configuration of the E10K with more environments, scripting of automatic hardware movements within the E10K machine, and the recommendation and implementation of improved disaster recovery procedures for the E10K Starfire by the installation of a secondary SSP machine for disaster recovery.


Key Skills:

•  Solaris, DYNIX/ptx, Linux and HP-UX Systems and Application Administration;

•  Sun E10,000 Domain and SSP configuration; Security standards implementation;

•  Oracle Systems administration and Unix System performance tuning;

•  Connect Direct installation and configuration; ssh installation;

•  Enterprise server banking environment for critical applications.



UNIX and Ingres RDBMS Systems Management                                                              

University of the West of England, Bristol, England                


•  UNIX systems administration using Solaris 2.6, HP-UX 10 & DYNIX/ptx 4.0.4;

•  Ingres systems administration using Ingres II, Open Ingres 2.0 & Ingres 6.4;

•  Ingres DBA responsibilities;

•  Recommendation and implementation of Sequent & Sun machine upgrades;

•  Projects included installation of new machines and software upgrades.



User Support Co-ordination                                                                                                                    

University of the West of England, Bristol, England

Dynix/ptx Systems administration, network / hardware and user support.


PC Analysis                                                                                                                             

British Aerospace Plc, Bristol, England

Implementation of enhanced bespoke application,  Novell Administration.


Software Project Administration  

Clerical Medical, Bristol, England

Production and implementation of test plan for new Oracle financial package.


PC Analysis

British Aerospace Plc, Bristol, England

Development of bespoke dBase IV aircraft database application.


Computer Support         

Southmead Hospital, Bristol, England

Novell network V3.11 administration and user support.






DYNIX/ptx:                 2.1.1 to 4.4.6                AIX:                        4.3.x                         HP MPE:                    MPE/iX      

Sun Solaris:             2.3  to  9                        Sun SunOs:         4.1.1 to  4.1.3         MS-DOS:                   3.3  to  6.22          

HP-UX:                       10.10, 10.20, 11.x        RedHat Linux:     6.0                           MS Windows NT:    3.51, 4

Novell Netware:       3.11, 4                           VMS:                     OpenVMS v1.5       MS Windows:          3.0 to XP

VMS:                   OpenVMS v1.5                              



Sequent:                       S2000/290 / 700 / 750,  S5000/SE80 / SE30 / SE70,  Numa Q.

Sun Systems:              Ultra: 2,5,10,30  Enterprise: 2,5,450,3000,4000,5000,6000,6500,E10000 (Starfire)

                           SPARCstation 5,10, SparcCentre 2000E, ULTRAserver 1,5,10;

                           Unipack, Multipack, SunStorEdge A1000, A5100, T3

HP:                                  700 workstations: K450,  K460, K480,  800 servers:  V,  K  and D class

AIX:                                 RS6000, F50, H70, silver Node, Winterhawk                  



Sun:                                Veritas Volume Manager 2.4/5, Veritas FileSystem 3.3.2, Veritas Netbackup;

                                        Veritas Cluster 2.2, Sun StarEdge RAID Manager 6.1.1.

                                        Solstice AdminSuite 2.1, NIS, NIS+, DNS, sysmon;

                                        Solstice Disksuite 4.1, Solstice Backup 4.1.        

DYNIX/ptx:                     SVM, SVM II Disk management.

Security:                       Connect Direct, Secure+, Ssh, Tiger, Tripwire, TCP Wrappers, Satan, COPS, MQ v5.1,

Monitoring:                   HP OpenView, BMC Patrol, Tivoli / Maestro, I-Watch;                                                          

Other:                           Uniplex, Jet Direct, Holos, SAS, Samba, Prophecy, Intershop 3, NFS up to v3;

                                        Netscape Enterprise Server 3.62.                                           



Ingres: 6.4/06,  Open Ingres: 1.2, 2.0        Sybase:    v11      Oracle:  v7, v8 (SQL and basic DBA level)

Ingres Star, Ingres Net                                 Ingres II:   (System Administrator and DBA level)                                



C ++, Java, Cobol:                              (code maintenance)

dBase, Quick Basic, Pascal:          (Designing and production of bespoke systems)

HTML, DOS, Perl, Expect / Tcl:        (Designing and production of bespoke systems)

UNIX shell, Awk:                                 (C (csh), Korn, (ksh), Bourn (sh) )


Programming and design Methodologies

Structured, Procedural, Yordons, SSADM, JSD (Jacksons Structured Design);

Top Down, JSP, OOP, SSM (Structured Systems Methods).



Project:                         Artemis 7000, Microsoft Project.

Emulators:                    Whizz60,  Exceed, PC-NFS, Reflection X, Solstice Network Client, LAN Workplace.

Wordprocessors:       Wordperfect, Ami Pro, Wordstar, Wordstar 2000, Microsoft Word, vi, emacs.

Utilities:                         Norton Utilities Packages, PC-Tools, Dr Solomans, F-Prot.

Others:                          Microsoft Access, Graphics packages, Web publishing, StarOffice.

                                        network management, ODBC, MKS Toolkit. Lotus 1-2-3, Excel (including macros)

Web Development:     HotMetal Pro, Frontpage, DreamWeaver.


BANKING               EDDI File structures , SWIFT, Branch Accounting procedures.



TCP/IP, IPX configurations, Ethernet, RS232, X.25 installation & support,  LinkSys Hubs & routers;

3-Com hubs,  Zyplex terminal server configuration and installation,  Cable configurations.